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Big Bangin' 2021!

I had the great fortune to work with the always lovely, always talented, always delightful, always patient dugindeep for the spn_j2_bigbang. I can't say enough nice things about her but I tried! It was a rocky year (and past week, lol), but here we are.

(Click banner to pop on over to AO3 and read this wonderful fic!)

The rest of the art is tucked under the cut. Spoilery: enter at your own risk! Not 100% safe for work, but no pink parts, so depends upon your work. ;)

J2 disabling a bomb

J2 under the sheets together

Banner made in Procreate, which I'm still learning how to use (hey, new iPad!); the other two courtesy of Photoshop.

Tags: big bang, dugindeep, j2, spn

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