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The Civil War

Hey, mighty flisters...I am in need of American Civil War information/books/cool sh*t. If anyone knows of great novels or non-fiction books pertaining to the Civil War, lay 'em on me. This is research for 50states_spn and I'm massively stoked to get this challenge underway, but I want to make it as authentic as I can. Thanks, babies!

(If this works out, we may just see the Winchesters in period garb. No lie.)

I got curious about my family, after skimming some of harrigan's notes for "River of Blood". Unfortunately, my grandfather died the year before I was born and my dad didn't take an interest in his family history so I never had the chance to pick his brain before he died. After a couple of hours on the internet, however, I dug up records that indicate my great-great-grandfather, Solon Quackenbush, was a farmer who drove a supply wagon during the Civil War, I'm guessing for the Union since he lived in the Wisconsin area.

Nothing exciting but still, I'm excited!
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