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Finally got to watch the Big Premier and I was kinda in lust with it, yes indeedy.

My husband, who could give two farts in a mudpuddle about the series, loved the one-liners and Cas' selection of smite-worthy suckers. I ADORED Crowley, of course. And oh, OH! Gorgeous classic rock is back! "Slow Ride", for real? More cowbell, baby. MORE COWBELL. (I saw it coming; please refer to my wee little beachy case!fic "On the Wind". *preens*) And Nancy Sinatra for Crowley? I couldn't agree more.

I think, though, the writers may have condensed things a tad too much. I felt like I needed a little more fleshiness to Sam's side-effects, Dean's growing ennui, and certainly Cas' descent into the megalomaniacal. There was also dialogue that made me feel bits wound up on the cutting room floor that might've needed to be in there. But on the other hand, perhaps they used the Season Premier as a big kick-off, setting the stage for threads to be explored in the next few episodes. So this one had to be touching on many bases at once, out of necessity.

High points for me: Mark Pellegrino back as sweet and deadly as ever, Sam being yanked to the ceiling by a chain (unhf!), just about everything out of Dean's mouth, Crowley's adorable facial ticks, Cas realizing his "over-reach", and Bobby quoting rituals. Smexxy.

Now I can slink through LJ and read other people's reaction posts. My, but the willpower it took for me to avoid spoiling myself over the weekend when I was out of town and hungry for the big fun everyone else was having! Not that going to the Michigan Ren Faire with my friends wasn't fun but, yanno.

So in conclusion...

YAY! It's back and YAY! Leviathan and YAY! I love you, my darling Supernatural. Leave your wife and run away with me?
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, full of awesome, supernatural
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