August 30th, 2017

Black-eyed Sam

Hurricane Harvey Auctionreaver!

It ain't much, but I need to do something, however small, to help folks hurt by Harvey. My Paypal mad-money is depleted, so I'm going to offer up a SINGLE auction spot to the highest bidder. You can request either art or fic from me ... maybe even a little of both, if the price is right. It can be art for one of your own fics, a random portrait, it can be an iddy shortfic, a tutorial (though I already have plans to do a few of those for everyone), it can even be original art! I'm open to negotiation. Scope of handiwork will be commensurate with the $$$ of the winning bid. (I know I still owe folks a few commissions out there, but this one's proceeds will go entirely to Hurricane Harvey relief.)

Bidding will happen in the comments here at my Live Journal, and close at 11:59 pm (EDT) Friday, Sept. 1st. Once the highest bidder has won their booty, a donation in that amount needs to be made to the donator's hurricane-related charity of choice within a day. When I see a receipt, dated post-auction, I'm yours! (I trust y'all not to cheat, okay?)

Anonymous posting will be turned on, for folks without LJ accounts. Please leave your name and main journal URL in your bid. Due to personal scheduling, expect delivery in mid-November.

Opening bid will start at $25.00 AMD and increase in whole dollar increments.

What am I bid? :D