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GenBigBang...she is written!

Oh my God, you guys, it's DONE!

Title: Better Off Dead
Artist: becc_j
Rating: R
Characters: Sam, Dean, original characters
Warnings: four-letter-words, light gore, mild drug use, character death (not major)
Word Count: 40,000-ish
Summary: Written for spn_gen_bigbang, takes place in Season Two, just before “Heart.”

As much as Sam loathes the idea of returning to California, the boys get a call from Bobby, requesting they make a beeline to San Francisco; a hunter has gone missing. A hunter Dean knew quite well. Intimately, one might say.

The Winchesters discover there are witches, and then there are witches. Some claim to walk the White Path, but do they? Or is this just cover for infernal machinations?

Between a neo-hippie commune and the exotic temptations of Chinatown’s dark secrets, the Winchesters must untangle a spider’s web of magical allegiances, missing women, and eventually…a missing brother.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. ‘Supernatural’ is the property of Eric Kripke and the CW. I would steal the franchise if I could, but I can’t so I just play in it wantonly. And appreciate their generosity in letting me do so!
Notes: This is longest thing I’ve ever written and it was a helluva learning experience! So much fun but I’ve a long way to go. My betas did the best they could but ultimately, any mistakes and liberties taken with the SPN universe and the city of San Francisco are all mine. Hope you enjoy. :D

Extra special delicious thanks to the folks who made this happen:
~reapertownusa for hosting this gig and all her many kind deeds. She's amazing.
~becc_j for serving as alpha reader, keeping me in Sam’s voice when I wandered astray, and producing some truly stunning art. She worked her butt off. I am honored.
~heard_the_owl for executing superfluous commas, spanking me when my sentences ran on and on and on, and for trying to teach me the meaning of ‘Occam’s Razor’. Still working on that last one. Thank you, Wonder Woman!
~To my brother (who lives in San Fran) and my chatbuds at ‘Abaddon’ for inspiration and info
~And lastly, thanks to D.L. Meyer , who knew nothing of the SPN universe but agreed to read my blatherings and cheerled me through my insecurities and purple prose. I owe you the world.

Art Master Post It’s glorious! She has userpics and everything good. Go visit and leave her love!

The tale begins here!

Download of the story for e-readers available over at AO3: el clicko

(Soundtrack is coming! I have to figure that out yet, I’m afraid. I’ll get it straightened out soon. Please let me know if you find broken links; I'm a NEWWWB!)
Tags: better off dead, genbigbang 2011
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