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'Better Off Dead' goodies available...

Get 'em while they're hot!

I finally figured out how to format an illustrated pdf of my 2011 spn_gen_bigbang entry, BETTER OFF DEAD. So if anyone grabs it, let me know if it has any gaudy-awful mistakes so I can blame someone else for them. *ahem* It's very, very pretty though, potential mistakes and all. I promise.

OR if you want a pdf w/o images, you can download it from my AO3 site: el clicko

And here's music I selected to enjoy during your lovely reading experience, a song that inspired each chapter. They're iTunes-compatible; I'm not quite sure how to dumb them down to MP3s but if anyone needs that, I'm entertaining advice! Artists include Deadsy, Mumford and Sons, Jack White, Radiohead...need I go on? Check out my swag:

All art created by the amazing becc_j.
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, genbigbang 2011, supernatural, swag
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