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First off, thanks to the lovelies who responded to my "Very Nerve" journal entry; I'm going to put some serious thought into questions for each of you, which may take a few days. Zee old gray cells, zey are not so quick, no.

And secondly, Supernatural Halloween art! Because Halloween without the Winchesters is sacrilege. Teaser:

PS7, over the course of three days. I was too lazy to find photo ref for the poses so it took me forEVer to fiddle the anatomy, using every physiology book known to creative kind. Sometimes you get an image stuck in your noggin and you don't have handsome enough friends to pose in lieu of the Winchesters and, well, this is what happens. It was fun anyway, especially the coloring. I lurv fall hues, I do.

So Happy Halloween, flist! May all your tricks be treats in disguise...

(If you want a bigger version, click here.)
Tags: dean winchester, digital art, fandom has claimed my soul, halloween, holidays, masterart, sam winchester, spn, supernatural
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