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All Our Wrath and Cutting Beauty

Hold on to your girly parts, it's ReverseBang time! I've been waiting since I signed up with LJ to participate in one of these and I couldn't be more giddy. monicawoe snagged my prompt and I swear, her appreciation for Sam warms the cockles of my heart. She makes him mighty. And shiny. And her writing is full of plot and incredible imagery. I adore her.

So with no further ado, I bring you the art of All Our Wrath and Cutting Beauty. The images are a tad spoilery for the fic; all are work-safe as long as your boss doesn't mind a little blood and creepiness.

Here's the original prompt pic, in which I totally needed to see Dean, all black-eyed and demonical and Sam, well, Sam covered in blood. Gore is SO not my squick.

From there I fancied more of a book-cover approach and painted this:

The skull overlays turned out AWE.SOME. Serendipity!

Then we cooked up some simple scene images. I wish I wasn't so afraid of backgrounds. Gotta work on that. But it was fun to utilize a mish-mash of pencil and digital. The first one is just a speedpaint. Demons on the storm...

Dean found a use for all his empty whiskey bottles:

Ruby gets her come-uppance:

King of the Beasts. And a lion, too. ;)

Everything was created with PS7 or garden-variety mechanical pencil. Spiffy ref montage can be found here, in case you're interested: PUDDING!

And a few icons:

And do please to be reading the fic that was inspired by the art. Thanks, babies! Hope you enjoy. ❤
Tags: dean winchester, fandom has claimed my soul, masterart, monicawoe, quickreaver is not a slacker, reversebang 2011, ruby, sam winchester
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