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Quick and Gorgeous Reads!

Folks who know me know I don't read a lot of porny stuff. Some, but it's not my preference. There are a few authors, though, who can write it and make me, well, giddy.

obstinatrix is one of them. She recently participated in that "stuff I haven't written" meme going around and of course I requested something--anything--Western. And she delivered, boy did she deliver!

Click here for happy fun times!

Everything she writes is gold, as far as I'm concerned. And her talent is overshadowed only by her enormous heart so SHOW HER LOVE! You won't be sorry.

EDIT: Little clarification: the ficlet she wrote for me wasn't The Dirty. It was Just. Plain. Good. So git yer arse o'er thar 'n READ!
Tags: fanfiction, full of awesome, nothing short of brilliant, spn, supernatural
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