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Trawling for betas!

Afternoon, flisters! I'm here today to ask for your support and brilliance. I'm trying to grow my circle of betas before I burn-out the one who has been tirelessly tweaking my fiction. She's incredible, make no mistake! I just don't want her to feel oppressed by my constant dependency and rabid adjective/adverb abuse.

I write Gen (potentially Het), frequently use naughty words and depict bloody things, and am fairly solid in the grammar/punctuation category. I need someone who is a tough taskmaster, keeps an eye on story flow and pacing, and will help me reign in my propensity to wax purple. ;) Little bit of everything, really.

I want to become a better writer period, not just crank out a fair piece of fanfic.

SO BRING OUT YER DEAD! And thanks in advance, my pretty ponies...
Tags: creative writing, writing is hard!
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