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Ratherastory glory!

I've wanted to illustrate something for ratherastory's Fusion 'verse since I started reading the series and I finally got around to it. This image was inspired by
Making It Work. I was just smitten by this scene. Tore my wee, shriveled heart out.

Tough to explain the scenario; best to read the fic. So do eeeeet! (click image to get larger version)

Face details. My darlink boys

An even bigger version of the whole shebang can be found at my dA site, if it tickles yer fancy: spronk

(PS7, ref: screepcaps for faces, my kids for the poses.)

Comments are love (including concrit) and DO read the fic! ❤
Tags: dean winchester, digital art, fanart, h/c, masterart, ratherastory, sam winchester, spn, supernatural
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