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OPEN FOR SUPERNATURAL COMMISSIONS! (Also known as the "Let's Send Quickreaver to Chicon with a Gold Ticket" Project) ✩

I've never done this with a fandom before so I'm not exactly sure if it'll fly, but we shall see! The worst that can happen is I'll be stuck with a General Admission ticket and then I'll have to cry the entire time, so... ;)

Okay, a few basics:
~All prices USD, Paypal payment preferred (but we can work something else out if need be.)

~Any SPN characters welcome, doing just about anything! (Except the super naughty stuff; that just makes me squirm, I'm afraid!) The more artsy and creative and conceptual, the better I'll like it! Oh, and no mpreg, please. But genderswap, AU, slash (rated R), h/c, gen, bring it on! This is your big chance to make me do something atypical. Tempt me; exploit me.

~If I've already promised you art, you do NOT have to pay for it! Unless, of course, you want to. Then you can disregard the price list below and donate whatever you'd like to the cause. And you'll go to heaven and get pudding. Or something.

~I reserve the right to decline a commission if it's just not my cuppa tea, though that's not likely to happen. No offense, just being practical! I have a couple of other paying clients to tend to first, so you may not get your picture straight away. But soon! I'd say in two months.

~First to pay in full, first to get the goodies! Normally, I'd ask for half up-front then half upon completion, but I don't want to lose out on my ticket.

Traditional or Digital Sketch (Examples: One, Two, Three)
(graphite or charcoal or Photoshop)
-$20 (8”x10”)
-$5 each additional character
-$7 background (optional)
-$5 shipping (if original is desired)

Digital Drawing, colored (Examples: One, Two, Three)
-$30-$50 (depending upon scene complexity)
-$10 each additional character
-$10-$15 background (optional)

Digital Painting (Examples: One, Two, Three)
-$50-$60 (depending upon complexity)
-$10 each additional character
-$10-$20 background (optional)

Traditional Portrait (Examples: One, Two, Three - not SPN but a stylistic option!)
(charcoal, graphite or colored pencil)
-$50 (11”x14”)
-$20 each additional character
-$7 shipping (if original is desired)

A good overview of most of my SPN art is here at my dA gallery.) Just about any style is fair game; the above prices are suggestions. There's some wiggle room. Any questions? Please message me!

Thanks, lovelies!

~The QR
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