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Wee Art Dump

Just a couple of quickies I did a few days ago to loosen up. Thanks to tahirire and monicawoe respectively, for the source photos! (click images for larger versions.)

The first one was created mostly in Painter 9 (which is a really persnickety program) and the second is conte crayon (a sort of greasy charcoal) on paper. There was a third, of Cas, but I forgot to scan it before I mailed it off. Boo. But it's here on my tumblr:

Quickies are fun. (huh-huh)

Also, I'm still a little short in my ChiCon fund, so if anyone is interested in getting an SPN commission, I've got a few more slots open. Here's the info: SPLONK! (Pricings are suggestions; I'm willing to wiggle a little. :D )

OH! And thank you monicawoe, heard_the_owl and de_nugis for all the adorable dragons. (I was actually born in the Year of the Dragon, so this is supposed to be a good year for me, right? RIGHT?)

And...that is all. Carry on, lovelies! :D
Tags: chicon, digital art, drawing, jo harvelle, masterart, sam winchester
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