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On my SPN plate...

Not sure anyone cares a great gob, but I want to be a tad more consistent with my frequency of posting here or else, what's the point? When you're in a community, you, uh, commune, right?  That, and making lists helps keep me on-task.  So on that note, SPN Things I've Promised to Do:

~Donate a custom image to winner of Fandom Flood Appeal (waiting for the client to be ready)
~Contest over at DeviantArt, movie/SPN themed cross-over (hint for my entry:  do hunters dream of electric sheep?  I think they do...)
~ as artist AND writer
~ as artist
~ as writer

And that's ENOUGH!  Guh, I hope I have time for all this.  Busy turtle is busy.  If anyone wants to send mental caffeine, be my guest!  Happy Thursday. *is sweating already*  
Tags: australian floods, charity, creative writing, digital art, fanart, fandom has claimed my soul, fanfiction, quickreaver is not a slacker, spn, supernatural, what me stressed?
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