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SPN: 6x14

Already, I'm witnessing people disappointed with this episode.  Aw, so soon?  Why fer?  Okay, I think the writers did a little pandering to the hoards of fans that wanted to see a serious repair between Sam and Dean--a return to the bond they had earlier in the series. No biggie.  Upside:  some dangling issues were addressed in this epi, such as...what's Lisa and Ben been up to and how does this effect Dean? Will Sam stop poking The Wall? Can S&D get back to liking each other again?

I sense things are getting patched up so that they can be torn down again, but isn't that what drama is all about? Of course!  What I find fascinating is for all the whinging people have done re. the brudders not acting like themselves anymore, now that stuff is settling back into What Used To Be, they're complaining about that too. The writers can't win for losing, poor monkeys.

Personally, I thought it was a welcomed, 'comfortable' episode. It had that warm feel of familiarity. I liked it. I especially enjoyed the guys doing their own things for a part of the hour, and guess what? It was okay. The world didn't land in the crapper. Dean came to terms (if temporarily) with his complicated life, and Sam found his voice and confidence w/o Dean around to call the shots. Both characters grew.  Oh, and HUZZAH for that teensy bit of vintage rock back in the soundtrack.  I know it's expensive, but I've been missing the hell outta it and I'm glad they blew the cash.

It was an episode designed to let the story breathe for a spell. And that's okay with me. Maybe I'm just easy to please. No matter; I'll take it!

Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, spn, supernatural
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