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"100 Things" Number 3

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

"100 Supernatural Things"

Okay, so this was an easy one. I just got my AntiChristmas gift from the sammessiah challenge and IT IS SO SHINY, IT HURTS! I am such a lucky, lucky girl today. :D My darling monicawoe drew my name in the match-up and HOLY CROW (pun the fic, you'll see what I mean...), she out-did herself.

The Two Ravens is part fairy-tale (in the classic tradition of macabre, scary imagery) and part brotherly love. It's smart and beautifully written and chock full of amazing visuals and boy-o, I cannot express how thoroughly thrilled I am with it!

I would love LOVE to translate it into an illuminated manuscript some day.

Moni, you wunnerful person, THANK YOU! *showers of hugs forever*
Tags: antichristmas, dean winchester, fanfiction, monicawoe, nothing short of brilliant, sam winchester, supernatural
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