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As some of you might know, in my dayjob I create book covers for digital publishers (some print publishing, but mostly digital.) I work in many different genres but let's face it, the majority of digital 'presses' are of the romance/erotica ilk. It's selling like hotcakes, pun very much intended.

Over at cassiopeia7's journal, they touched on the "ick, het!" predisposition amongst our fandom, and since I'm fandom-monogamous, I haven't a clue how other fandoms sway. I see this reflected in many of the small publishers I work for, as well.

And I'm curious, why is this? Why is it that woman (most of whom are heterosexual, I'm guessing) are so adverse to Het fic? Is it not wanting to feel competition with the female protagonist? Is it that it's tough to write great female characters?

Let's hear some yakkity-smack!
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