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Spring Flingery and RL shtuff

I forgot to slap this sketch up on my journal so here it be, for the sake of organization, and so that I can heartily thank everyone for their really lovely comments at the spnspringfling page!

Spent some time sans power and internet end of June/beginning of July, which was sweaty, dark, and kinda nice. (Huh. And not nearly as dirty as that just sounded...) It pointedly proved, though, I really really need to spend less time on the internet. We all know it can be a time-suck, but I didn't truly realize to what extend. Make no mistake, I adore the internet. I've found SPN fandom via the internet. I make a living over the internet. But it also makes my ass numb sitting so much and can fill my noggin with overstimulus and mindless angsty static.

Gotta streamline my surfing. Part of me has this child-like drive to stay awake all night staring at the monitor because I don't want to miss anything, but then I realize I miss...creating. It's not easy, figuring out what to trim. Any advice? Do I stop the Tweety? Roll away from tumblr? Thank gawd I never got into Facebook and deviantArt has long since lost it's lustre. I'll entertain any sage wisdom on this front...

Okay, okay, enough yakkity-smack.

Here's the drawing I did for tfw_ftw over at spnspringfling, with the prompts girl!Chesters and "lazy Sunday morning". I dunno, it came out a little blah. I stressed too much about translating the boys into, well, girls and not enough on the vibe of a lazy Sunday morning. Gotta work on that. I do like Dean's rack, though. And his Flashdance AC/DC t-shirt. And Sammy's ubiquitous Bitchface™ :D

Click image to enbiggen. As per usual, all comments and concrit welcomed! Happy Fourth, mah feller Amurrkins.
Tags: dean winchester, fanart, masterart, quickreaver is not a slacker, real life yabber, sam winchester, spn, springfling, supernatural
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