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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Okay, you guys. Everyone knows I'm a big monicawoe fangirl so it will come as no surprise that I'm arting for this GenBigBang, but truly, READ IT. It's light-hearted, clever, imaginative, action-packed and just a helluva lotta fun. Extra-special thanks to reapertownusa for another fantastic year of spn_gen_bigbang!

Masterpost at blood_and_pie, our joint account.

(click for bigger images)

(All digital, Photoshop, with a gazillion different refs. Inspired by the work of Jenny Frison.)

(All these were drawn in old fashioned pencil, scanned, and colored. They didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted; still figuring out a good quick-sketch/coloring technique.)

Enjoy! All comments and questions welcomed. I reeeeally had a blast with this one. So many great descriptive images, so little time!
Tags: big bang, dean winchester, genbigbang 2012, masterart, monicawoe, sam and dean otp, sam winchester, supernatural
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