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Okay, writerly-types, at what point do you solicit the advice of your beta? Or even alpha-reader? (If there is such a critter!) Do your betas prefer getting the fiction in pieces-parts or one big honkin' lump? I'm trying to drum up a decent outline for my SPN Gen Big Bang and already I'm afraid it's going to be too long, too unweildy, verbose, 'tl;dr'! (And maybe too smexxy, but it figures into the plot. I swear. Nothing racier than the average episode...okay, maybe a touch more, but, um...) I don't want to run out of time, either. I have deadline issues.

Perhaps getting a beta or cheerleader involved from these early stages will keep me chugging along so I won't get jammed at the end. Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks, baby dolls!

~The QR
Tags: creative writing, fandom has claimed my soul, fanfiction, quickreaver is not a slacker, spn, supernatural, what me stressed?
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