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Whip-cracking wanted!

I need to get some serious momentum going on my GenBang, gang. So, here goes:

Seeking: Beta/editing
For: an unfinished GenBigBang (so far it's at 20k)
Status: 2/3 done
Current Word Count / Estimated Completed Word Count (if incomplete): 30k?
A Brief Summary: SPN time-travel to the 1870's Wild West. Case!fic, for the most part. Gen.
Warnings / Spoilers: Set in Season Seven, post-crazy!Cas but before the demise of Dick. Some gore, werewolves, swearing.
Anything else? My posting date is 11/12, so a speedy turn-around is desirable. Once the bulk of the thing is beta'd, these last few chapters I'm writing should be cake. *fingers crossed!*
Tags: fanfiction, genbigbang 2012, spn, what me stressed?
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