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SPN GenBang: In the Blood Red Dust

Title: In the Blood Red Dust
Pairing: n/a
Characters: Sam, Dean, OC's, a certain candy-loving angel
Rating: R
Warnings: my usual dirty words and blood, spoilers for Seasons 7
Wordcount: 25k
Summary: The Leviathan are rapidly infesting the world; life is getting grim for hunter and civilian alike. Out of the seeming blue, the brothers Winchester are whisked from the frying pan and into a fire, circa 1873. Dean is dumped into Mongrel, Nevada—a near–lawless mining town—where he discovers a bigger threat than protecting one’s share of the silver. Sam finds himself in the desert, no horse in sight, named or otherwise. The boys must reunite, deal with a woman known as the White Witch, address Mongrel’s pesky werewolf situation, and decide if they want to return to a doomed future, crawling with Big Mouths.

Click for the glorious Art Masterpost!

Cross-posted at AO3 where you can download it for your e-reading pleasure.

Notes: It truly does take a village to raise a child! Fondest thanks go out to:
my tireless partner-in-crime monicawoe, the talented thruterryseyes, geckoholic for her keen sense of connection to the characters, jennytork SPaG queen, amber1960, who loves Westerns as much as I do, and of COURSE, spn_gen_bigbang (love ya!) They all helped me whip this into shape. Any remaining mistakes are mine.

Son of Notes: The art will be interspersed throughout the fic, or you can see the whole beautiful shebang at Terry's journal. ALSO! The character of Olivia Campbell was inspired by the paintings of becc_j, who is as brilliant as she is kind. For a peek at Olivia, click here. Concrit is heartily welcomed, please and thank you! Enjoy... :D

Tags: dean winchester, gabriel, genbigbang 2012, sam winchester, supernatural
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