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Fandom Aid auction for Superstorm Sandy

My offering for fandomaid's Superstorm Sandy fundraiser ends the 29th so if you're interested in getting this original ink painting from moi, get crackin'!

(click teaser for painting, actual size)

It's a small inkwash painting on light-weight watercolor paper, 8.5" x 11", and I'll pay for shipping. The wonderful nwspaprtaxis, who inspired the painting with her story "This Far, No Further", has offered to throw in a digital PDF of the fic, which WILL TEAR YOUR HEART OUT. It's fantastic. So more goodies for the winner! Yay!

Link to my auction HERE!

counteragent has a list of all the great SPN/RPF auctions on her journal, too.

You KNOW someone on your flist was effected by this disaster so here's your chance to work up some good karma. :D
Tags: fandomaid, pay it forward
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