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Slacky McSlackington

Haven't updated in a while, so it's time for a Monday List to keep me on-task! I'm flailing w/o my lists.

~Pack for Convention this weekend!! (and cross fingers my prints arrive :D ) (Ellen Million is a printmaster; she works wonders.)
~Pick up asthma meds for youngest sprog
~Go to work *whiiiiine*
~Finish writing and post sequel to 'On the Wind' SPN's hoping tonight!
~Finish cover for Italian urban fantasy and bug client for pay
~Work on art inspired by an AU SPN series, 'cuz it's too cool for school
~Begin my daggone SPN Gen Big Bang adventure before I'm hopelessly behind!

Good thing I had a restful weekend, s'all I can say! Happy Monday, gang. Fight the good fight.

(edit: Progress! Not bad for an old fart.)
Tags: fanart, fandom has claimed my soul, fanfiction, gotta get my arse in shape!, i want summer, multi-tasking, quickreaver is not a slacker, what me stressed?
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