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Insta Rec!

Okay, y'all, this is really lovely. Everyone probably knows I do The Artstuffing and occasionally write for our loverly fandom. But I can't reiterate enough how effin' awesome it is to collaborate on creative projects, deliberately or not. monicawoe and I always have hella good time working and learning together and it's one of the reasons I'm addicted to bangs and challenges: the teamwork.

I don't get folks creating art for my fics very often. Understandably. BUT! When it happens, it's crazy-sexy-cool. And this is one of those times RIGHT HERE.

Little teaser...

cassiopeia7 is a real unsung beauty in our fandom and deserves so much more credit than she gets. Her heart is as big as the state of Illinois.

This SPN-thingy wouldn't be nearly as much fun for any of us if we didn't rub up against each other every once in a while. Take a chance in 2013, and rub up on one of your flist buds. Even better, do it on the sly and surprise 'em! It'll mean the world. Trust me. :D
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