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Talent, we haz it.

I received some lovely LOVELY things this year (and am in the procrastinatory process of reciprocating) and since these people need some serious attention (because, hello, mad skills!), I'm sharing them here.

Under the cut, five amazing bits of art, courtesy of (in order of appearance) maichan (beyond cute), becc_j (handsome Sam, based on my fic "In the Blood Red Dust", yay!), cassiopeia7 (chibi-licious!), lamapan (mmm, watercolors) and petite_madame (omg, the details...) Ladies, you are all glorious.

ALSO, the brilliant dear_tiger wrote a quirky, charming ficlet that had me grinning ear to ear: you've never seen dinosaurs quite like this. Do check it! And finally, a big thank you to yohkobennington for placing the winning bid on my SuperStorm Sandy auction and then sending me a sweet holiday card.

I feel so fortunate this year. We're such an incredible bunch. Smarts, beauty AND generosity. Win/win!

(click to enlarge)

A bazillion thanks, gang. Truly.
Tags: fanart, fanfiction, full of awesome, holidays, spn, swag
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