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Where's everybody going?

Lately, I've noted a mass exodus from LJ. It hits me in my heart.

And not because I have this undying loyalty for LJ, or because SPN is losing its dazzle for some fans, but because I feel that maybe this big, weird world we call the internet was creating a new sort of friend. No, it's not the same thing as knowing someone face to face, but the internet has become a notable part of our socializing and networking these days, there's no denying that. And I've gotten to know some really talented and fantastic people through LJ and fandom events, so when they drop off the map, I mourn the loss.

SPN might've introduced me to folks, but I read them because they're excellent writers, or I look at their art because it's gorgeous and poignant.

Yeah, things evolve. Relationships ebb and flow. Can't be helped. Hrm. Yeah. So I guess I want to say thank you to the awesome people I've met through this strange ride. Real life may be interceding, as well it should, but you've made my on-line time a fun, educational, sometimes really moving place.

Y'all know who you are. :D (IF YOU'RE AROUND TO READ THIS! Heh...)
Tags: livejournal, real life yabber, thinky thoughts
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