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Consider this claim staked, sport!

I flew home from work today to check spn_j2_bigbang, terrified all the "good stuff" would be taken. Silly me! Call it newbie nerves, right? I nabbed a really epic-sounding teaser. So darling anonymous author, it's you and me, babe! Can't wait to get my hands on the goods. The uber-cool thing about these events is all the energy that churns up around them! I love the camaraderie, the creativity, and the luxurious self-indulgence of wallowing in your favorite Guilty Pleasure. This is gonna be my Supernatural summer. Add that to a trip to the Outer Banks? I am a riotously happy camper! Life is so very good. :D
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, gotta get my arse in shape!, quickreaver is not a slacker, supernatural
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