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Haven't posted fanstuff in a while...

Here's a piece I did for an event over on tubmblr that doesn't look like it's gonna see the light of day. Ah well. So have some hurt!boys, LJ! Dedicated to maichan because she's nine kinds of cool and likes 'em banged up. (Me too.) Inspired by petite_madame's lovely use of bones. Hey, it takes a village, right?

EDIT: the incredible monicawoe has, at the speed of a comet, written fic for this image. I am awed and tickled, and it's bloody perfect. Find it here: BONES. You won't be disappointed. Moni, you're the best. The best, I tell you.

SON OF EDIT: another fic has popped up and I am MOST PLEASED with it! amberdreams wrote a bittersweet drabble: FIELD OF BROKEN DREAMS. Get familiar. It's lovely!

"We were tight knit boys
Brothers in more then name
You would kill for me
And knew that I’d do the same
And it cut me sharp
Hearing you’d gone away

Everything goes away
Yeah everything goes away
But I’m gonna be here until I’m nothing
But bones in the ground
So quiet down"

~'Always Gold' by Radical Face

(CS6 over pencil, click image for really REALLY big version)
Tags: dean winchester, digital art, masterart, sam and dean otp, sam winchester
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