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The first SPNartistswap is revealed!

This was a really neat event and I just loved it. I loved the challenge of interpreting someone else's concept, of the short deadline (one week), I loved seeing all the different spins on the same prompt ('road trip'), and there was just love to be had all around. Thank you, salty_catfish and her mod team for putting it all together. One learns a lot through puzzling out a project begun by another artist. We get a peek at their thought process and how they do what they do, and then we get to see how another artist interprets our own beginning crumbs.

Here's the list of reveals for round one: SPNartistswap. Go look at them all! Have a smile and leave a comment.

Goin' our way, honey?

Click for a REALLY large version. I just had to. Sam looks so cute and DEAN'S FRECKLES, okay? The car interior is a Masarati Gran Turismo. God, that's a pretty car. Everything done in CS6. If you go to the spnartistswap site, you can see petite_madame's adorable prompt. I got really lucky with that draw.

Hmm. It just occurred to me this might make a good desktop wallpaper. If anyone's interested, let me know what resolution. HAPPY SHOWDAY, babies! :D
Tags: dean winchester, digital art, masterart, sam winchester, spn, spnartistswap
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