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Thank Chuck it's Friday...

I miss Chuck. Rob Benedict is a cute-patootie. Annnnyway ...

Artses, my preciouses! A little preamble: I follow freac_camp; it's a horrific, well-orchestrated, intermittently hopeful emotional roller coaster of an AU that reads as something entirely different from Show. It's not for everyone, but I kinda love it. I did a little illustration for the most recent chapter (which I have not read yet, dammit! Must do that today.) It was a challenge to draw the boys young, which I hardly ever do, but man, was it great to pick up a pencil again. As every artist knows, you periodically get this 'fraud syndrome' where you're afraid the world will find out you can't draw an effin' straight line after all and they're laughing at you behind your back. Or you've worked digitally so long you don't know what to do w/o the 'undo' button. Every once in a while you've gotta crawl through that; this was my crawl.

Big fat kudos go out to the ladies of Freak Camp: lavinialavender, brosedshield, and whereupon; they're tackling the herculean effort of a HUGE serial with grace and authority. You all rock.

Click for HUGE version.

Mechanical pencil on paper, a quick digital watercolor texture thrown over the whole shebang. That's it, folks.
Tags: dean winchester, freac camp, masterart, sam winchester, spn
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