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Monday Morning Call to Arms

Ooookay. Tons to do; minutes to do it. Story of my life! Even if it's FunStuff™, this summer is gonna require a fair amount of organization to stay on task. And for those who know me, organization is not my strong suit. I have today off from the dayjob so a lot's riding on this rare and blessed smidge of free time.

First, we shall start with Ye Olde List o'Shit to Get Done:
1.) Work on SPN Gen Big Bang...time's a' wastin'! (Thank the gods I have a decent outline.)
2.) Brainstorm art for the J2 Big Bang (I was damned lucky with my assignment; got a juicy one!)
3.) Put serious thought into my SummerGen challenge...another wealth of cool prompts.
4.) More brainstorming on the drawing for the multi-faceted Ellen Million.
5.) Laundry, toilet-scrubbing, and a trip to the market for pot roast.
6.) If the hubs comes home for lunch...a little Afternoon Delight, maybe? *snickersnort*
7.) Finish my ohsam! offering...just gotta type it in.
8.) Work on drawing for Monicawoe's kick-ass series, 'Theosis', also in-progress.

Secondly, and more importantly at this moment, I have some questions for all you Supernatural aficionados!

1.) When did the boys get their anti-possessions tattoos? My Gen BB needs to be set pre-tattoo, pre-PsychicKidsEpi, post-John. I think. Prolly.
2.) Also, opinions! I fear my Gen BB is going to suffer from Accidental Resemblance Syndrome. I'm setting my tale in San Francisco (one of my all-time favorite cities), and will feature witches and demons. So, I catch my FIRST episode of 'Charmed' (which airs before SPN reruns on TNT) and I see, damnation, it's set in San Fran. Should I relocate my story as not to smack of derivation?
3.) Are Sam's psychic visions confined to information about the other psychics?

Right. SO! I'm burning daylight. Happy Monday, babies!
Tags: creative writing, fandom has claimed my soul, multi-tasking, quickreaver is not a slacker, spn, supernatural, what me stressed?, writer's block
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