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Nostalgia Meme

From de_nugis, by way of others...

Basically, you give someone an age and they fill out the meme for where they were and what they were doing. If you want to join in, comment and give me a ballpark figure for how old you are now, or a decade of your life for me to choose from, and I will select an age for you.

De_nugis gave me 33. I was worried I wouldn't remember anything because my brain is like a sieve, but she happened to pick the age at which I had my first child, so that year is BURNED into my memory. And other places.

I LIVED in Columbus, Ohio. Still do. I like Ohio. It's not spectacular or anything, but it's solid. The people are good and the cost of living is moderate. Sounds bland, I know, but you want bland when you're raising a family. I'll save the excitement for retirement. :D

I DROVE a Chevy Cavalier, red. The stupid thing was a criminal magnet. It was constantly getting broken into and once, even stolen. It was found two blocks away, the radio gone. Hmm. Did I say central Ohio was bland? It really isn't this dubious; I swear, it was just the car.

I WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH my husband, and as I said early, expecting our first son (of an eventual three.) Still married to the old fart. It's not a perfect relationship, but what is? We have our ups and downs but we always talk. And usually, we solve the problems. We're not wealthy or thrilling, but we dig each other. It's good.

I FEARED ... hmmm. Well, very little. I wasn't afraid of childbirth (though in retrospect, I probably should've been. I had the flu, ran a 104° fever and ended up with an emergency c-section.) I wasn't afraid of being a parent; I knew I could do that. I guess I might've been a little afraid that my art career, such as it was at that point, was fading away. But I've always been an adapter; so life changes, oh well. You change with it. Of course art circled back around, but in a very different guise than what I would've expected back then. I had initially wanted to be a gallery artist, you know, an ar-teest. Now? Not so much. I love bringing scenes to life and and collaboration. Art can be so damned solitary.

I WORKED for a veterinary clinic at their front desk. Loved that job, actually. Never a dull moment. We were also an emergency hospital and specialized in exotics, so we saw everything. Sugar gliders, bobcats, chinchilla, our fair share of fight-scarred pitbulls, the local nuts that insisted upon keeping tigers, Labradors that ate fishing nets (complete with the hooks) and kittens so flea-infested they were more insect than cat. But it was a lovely group of people and we did so much good for pets and their families. Tough, emotionally, but ultimately rewarding. Would I do it again? Nah. Why do the same thing twice?
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