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Like you don't have enough to do, right?

Sexy effin’ MoL. That’s what we’re talking, here.

I just started this over on tumblr, but I'd never neglect LJ, my mothership! Gonna try something. I opened a Society 6 shop yesterday for a scant handful of SPN prints (the proceeds of which I'm donating to Misha's organization, Random Acts), but I’ve never bought one from the site and I want to check the quality, so let’s have a little fun! I’m buying a print of this digital drawing (11”x17”) and will raffle it off to y’all, signed and everything.

(If this looks familiar, I posted it first over on my slightly less vanilla journal, a_biting_smile; you can pop over there and see the larger version.)

BUT! Here’s the catch: I want fic. I want fic based on this drawing. It can involve any additional characters, be any rating, but I want to know what you think led Sam to this point, sent him down this path. Or what he’s become. Doesn’t even have to be from his point of view; I love outsider POVs. And it doesn’t have to long, either. Let’s say 1,000 words or less. (Though I won’t penalize anyone for getting inspired and writing more!) If you want to write more than one fic to get additional entries? Sure, why not. Just be sure each fic is self-sufficient and can stand without the other.

Deadline for the fic is APRIL 30, 2013. (As long as it’s April 30 somewhere in the world, you’re good.) Post it wherever you’d like, but be sure to drop me a note or email and let me know where it is so I can authenticate your entry. The winner will be picked at random and announced sometime the first week of May, 2013. Be sure to let me know how best to get in touch with you (via email, LJ, etc.) and I’ll pay the shipping.

Oh, and be sure to tag it #fuckyeahSamMoL so we can all find each other’s cool shit. :D

The game is on, babies!
Tags: fuckyeahsammol, print giveaway, sam winchester, spn, time wasting ftw
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