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Round 2 of SPNartistswap

(Come on, LJ, don't be a little bitch...let's post this thing...)

Round 2 of spnartistswap has wrapped and once again, much fun was had by all! I tried to go all-traditional media and BLARG, it did not turn out the way I wanted (naturally) and then scanned for poo, but I'm posting anyway because 1.) it's a good practice in humility and 2.) I dunno, to prove everyone has an off-day every once in a while? Also, because thimblings provided a cool COOL concept prompt. (To check out all the entries, click here.

This is the art, pretty close to color-true, at actual size. I used: graphite, ink wash, watercolors, Prismacolor pencils and a touch of acrylic paint. On watercolor paper. I'm not even CLOSE to happy with it, though. It's so damned literal. But that's why I like this challenge; it forces you to consider someone else's approach and work fast. Someday, I'll figure it out ... or not. ;)
Tags: masterart, meg, spn, spnartistswap, traditional art
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