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friday friday friday!

Happy Season Finale Friday, SPNers. I just want to go on official record as saying I'm squirming with antici----PAtion! I don't care how you play it, show, but you'll never let me down. (Yeah, I'm easy like Sunday morning.) You had me at "Carry on..."

Okay, that outta the way...

Dear darling writer who drew my lot for the SPN SummerGen: I love you already! Have fun with the challenge and that'll come through in the writing. I shall not judge! Trust me, I'll be tickled hot pink with whatever you come up with because, hell, I'm easy get the picture. ❤ ❤ ❤

And lastly, because we never show our appreciation enough, thank you to all the great SPN fanfolk who have welcomed me into the community and supplied me with more fantasy fodder than I can shake a pointed stick at! The comms, contests, and delightful art and fic have renewed my creative focus (especially in the writing department) so that, hopefully, by summer's end, I'll be back in the saddle and ready for new and ambitious artistic endeavors. You artsy-farters know what it's like to be blocked. No amount of fiber does the trick. So for the levee breaking...I thank you!
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, pay it forward, quickreaver is not a slacker
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