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And We Have a Winner!

Sorry for the delay, gang; stampeding monkeys distracted me. Or something. Anywho, presenting the Fuck Yeah Sam Winchester Man of Letters print giveaway results! But first, the Good Stuff ™.

I received some stellar fics that ranged from curtain!fic to voodoo to, man, you name it. But it was all hella hot. So, in rough order of receipt:
-A Boy and His Dog by thursdaysisters
-How We Came to Be by lunacyissubjective
-Calm Before the Storm by lezendame
-Bad Habits by trekkiepirate
-The Lucky Ones by kettle-o-fish
-In the Morning Light by vanryzzo
-Penumbra by 100yeargirl
-Unchanging by mangacat201

And the winner of the print, by random selection, is LEZENDAME. Congrats, lovely! You win the print!

Thank you to all the incredible writers. I was so honored and surprised by the talent and variety. Y’all are the cat’s pajamas, and if cat’s wore pajamas, you know they’d be stupid cute. :D
Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, fuckyeahsammol, print giveaway
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