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Dearest Summergen writer ...

Hi! First off, thanks bunches for participating. I'll appreciate whatever you write, so feel free to try something you never have before or push the envelope.

I'm a Sam!girl with undying adoration for Dean. For me, they're the core of the show and the Supernatural universe gravitates around them. They are both flawed and brave and important. I guess if you're gonna beat someone up, let it be Sam? But I dunno; I loves me some whumped Dean too. Aw, hell, hurt 'em both.

I like my angels eerie and otherworldly, and my demons every-which-way. Each season contains things I dig so it'd be tough to pick a fave.

If given the option between angst and schmoop, I'd choose the former. Banter is beautiful. So is description; paint me the scene. There really aren't any secondary characters I dislike. I'm a HUGE sucker for outsider POVs and ummmm, that's it?

I'm easy like Sunday morning.

Good luck!

Tags: dear author, spn, summergen
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