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Break on through to The Other Side

In case you missed it, counteragent has released a cool-as-hell (or would that be hot as hell?) SPN fanfilm. Run, don't walk.

The Other Side can be found HERE and HERE. Support counteragent and Naomi Novik and all the amazing cast and crew by checking it out. Leave them love! They worked so hard and did such a fantastic job.

I cooked up a little movie poster for the thing, too:

I modeled the poster off of the artwork of Drew Struzan (, who used to do movie posters all the time before photomontages became all the rage.

A pretty damned large version of our poster can be found here, and it's not even as big as I worked. This thing was HUGE, in case we wanted to print it out.

Click for bigger version. And this still isn't full-sized! My PS just about rebelled on me.

I'm really proud of what counteragent and company have done. It took a village, and this is what fandom is all about: SHARING FOR THE LOVE OF IT. :D (Screw you, Amazon, and your monetizing fanfic.)
Tags: counteragent films, masterart, spn, the other side
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