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Okay, tricky question ...

I have a query for all my flist buds who read The Durty.

As everyone likely knows, I mostly create gen, h/c, case!fic, that sort of stuff. But I'm feeling the itch (ahem) to branch out into less scrupulous arenas. Who are some of your favorite writers of fanporn? (SPN only, please.) I doubt I'll ever get too terribly NC-17, but I dunno, maybe it's just spring? I know, I know, this is reeeeeally subjective, so I'll keep that in mind when I read. No shaming. I won't judge anyone's kink. (If you'd rather keep it private, PM me.) My id tends to lean towards blood-letting, body mods (including transformational stuff, I guess?) and, um, hmmm. I dunno. Surprise me! I just want to get a better idea about what 'does it' for folks, and how it's done well. The writing, that is. ;)

Thanks, babies!
Tags: all for research i swear, writing is hard
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