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SpringFling Thing

Just posting here for organization's sake; I think everyone already commented (so nicely, thank you!) at spnspringfling. And I'm pretty sure my identity wasn't terribly veiled anyway. ;) It's kinda hard with the artz.

My recipient was the lovely maerhys, offering the prompt Love and War in a City of Snow and Ice. Interpret that as you wish! monicawoe felt the vibe was End!verse-y, with both boys having said "no" and the world, such as it was, coming down around them. I agree. That's where my headspace was when I drew this. And I get kinda tired of always putting them in the same clothes, so maybe their attire isn't quite as Sam-and-Dean-ish as it could be. So that's the dirt. :D

Click for slightly bigger version.
Tags: dean winchester, masterart, sam and dean otp, sam winchester, springfling
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