The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin (quickreaver) wrote,
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin

'Bliss in Emptiness' Art Masterpost

And now, vee dahnce! monicawoe and I post our spn_j2_bigbang today. WOOT! It's always hella fun to work with her, and we know each other's proclivities so well, I can't help but pick her prompts. She always gives me novel and inspiring imagery to work with. Moni, you're BOSS. As per usual. Run, don't walk, to the story!

Caution: art is VERY spoilery. If you like surprises, read first. (The art is peppered throughout the fic in the appropriate places.)

Title: Bliss in Emptiness
Author: monicawoe
Artist: quickreaver
Genre: het, horror
Characters/Pairing: soulless!Sam/Ruby, also featuring Dean Winchester, Meg, Eve, Crowley, Castiel, Raphael, the alpha vampire, Death
Summary: As a reward for her loyal service, Lucifer brings Ruby back from death. When Sam throws himself into the Cage, Ruby slows his fall — just enough to grab a hold of his body, but not his soul. Together, they hunt the ever-increasing monster population and uncover evidence that Crowley and Castiel might not be as antagonistic as they seem. As the situation unfolds, Eve's interest in Sam piques and she gives him a gift that changes the very essence of what he is.
Warnings: blood, gore, monsters, nothing too racy but not quite safe for work


Click images to view larger.

For a moment, she was glad he couldn't see her face, because she couldn't suppress her grin.

He pushed forward, just enough to draw a few drops of blood. "I want you to stay dead."

There was a flash of light from the center of the hound, followed by another and another until it was lit up inside...

She ran forward, flinging herself through the small hole in the wall just before it closed.

"You're awake," she said. "Good, because something's coming."

ARTIST NOTES: The first one is charcoal, chalk and red watercolor on toned paper, with just a touch of digital wizardry (the font.) The others were done relatively quickly in Photoshop. I sorta bluffed my way through, trying not to be as nitpicky as I usually am, carving the figures out of blocks of shapes. That's why they look kinda wood-cut-ish. Inspired by Joao Ruas and (very loosely!) Frank Miller. Photo refs here and there; not as many as I should've used, to be sure.
Tags: big bang, masterart, ruby, sam winchester, the back of dean's head
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