The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin (quickreaver) wrote,
The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin

Evil Sam is Evil...

Title: Witch’s Promise
Artist: quickreaver
Characters/Pairing: Sam and a coterie of demons
Rating: Harrrrrd R (NSFW)
Medium: digital
Warnings: boobs and blood
Summary: Created for the evilsam_spn’s Summer of Evil challenge, and based on ‘The Witch’s Promise’ by Jethro Tull.

Artist’s Notes: The song is a little cryptic – hey, it’s Tull – but from what I can gather, it’s about infidelity and betrayal and come-uppance. SO. Sam is exacting his revenge on the demon population. I tried to catch a woodland setting and channel the Froud-ish long-haired-crazy-man-playing-a-flute vibe that is Tull. I wanted to draw the ladies too, though I should’ve put Brady in there as well, now that I think about it. Next time, next time.

This turned out a little more stilted than I'd pictured it in my mind’s eye, but I was running late (shock!) and I had to get 'er done. Refs and photos used all over the place. Thank you, pushkin666 for hosting this wickedness. :D

The witch's promise is turning, so don't you wait up for him ... he's going to be late.
Tags: abaddon, blood, evil!sam, masterart, meg, nc-17, nudity, ruby, sam winchester, summer of eeeeevil
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