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Impala's Run IS LIVE!

See, this is what's awesome about the bangs. You work your buns off and then stuff all falls into place and you have something meaty to show for it. It's sweet.


A03 link for downloading

adrenalineshots was such a treat to work with as our artist; I'd do it again in a heartbeat. And, of course, monicawoe was glorious, as always. She can sling ideas and dialogue like nobody's business. We're perfect foils for each other and her steadfast drive keeps me running to keep up.

But this scifi AU thing is all new to me and I'm frankly nervous about it. Let us know what you honestly think, dear flist! The good, bad and ugly. Mmmmwah!
Tags: adrenalineshots is awesomesauce, genbigbang2013, impala's run, monicawoe is the cat's pyjamas, spn
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