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Awwwww, sniffle!

You know, sometimes someone does something for you and it hits you so hard in your heartplace, it leaves a dent that will never go away. And I'd never want it to! This is one of those dents:

"Good-bye, Doc"

I donated to cassiopeia7's FandomAid thread in exchange for a drawing, and asked her to pick a scene from any of my fics. I almost never get art for my writing unless it's a Bang or I do it myself, so this was a real treat. But how much of a treat? I couldn't have predicted. Add to it that she picked a really tender scene and I'm beside myself with teary glee! GO SEE IT. There is so much to love about it!

Lady, you are amazing.
Tags: cassiopeia7, curtain!fic, dean winchester, fanart, fandomaid, sam winchester, traditional art
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