The indefatigable Mrs. Griffin (quickreaver) wrote,
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hurt me, comfort me, make me write bad checks...

Okay, I succumb to the lure of the hc_bingo! I like the idea that anything can be submitted, which means artstuff and wordstuff for me. Great excuse to practice. And explore the weird that is hurting and comforting beloved fictional characters. Is that so wrong of me?

PS...I love my card.

cuddling toothache mindswap coma corporal punishment
lost childhood hunger / starvation medication loss of hearing accidents
body image issues pandemics and epidemics WILD CARD first transformation assault
food poisoning family asphyxiation archaic medical treatment counseling
lacerations / knife wounds sexual extortion telepathic trauma mental health issues blood loss

Tags: fandom has claimed my soul, spn, supernatural
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