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Spring Fling 2014!

spnspringfling is by far one of my fave events, not only because of the format, but for its immediacy. The expectations aren't huge, the timeline is quick, and the outcomes are almost always just delightful! (There were a couple this year that made me scratch my head, but that's not the mods' or event's fault! I suspect the fillers were new and just didn't understand the spirit of the event.) The prompts are brief and varied enough to give folks wiggle room, and who doesn't like a surprise gift?! I hope we keep having SpringFling for a bit after Show ends. Great job, mods. Ya'll rock.

Okay, so that out of the way ... the gift I received was an amazing 'guilty pleasure' mini-masterpiece! It's no secret I like The Boys (be they Winchesters or J2) in darker incarnations. To that end, the entirely too brilliant tebtosca got my prompts in the draw and wrote this: Blood Runs Crazy

READ IT. IT IS BEAUTY OF THE DARKEST ORDER. And it's short but so, so potent. No excuses, go read. You heard me, GO.


Did you read it? Okay, good. Now, here's the little drawing I made for brutti_ma_buoni, under the cut. Sweetly NSFW, y'all, so hide your iPad/phone/monitor when you click. ;)

(click for larger pic)

Inspiration for the poses was a photo by either Bruce Weber or an A&F ad campaign, I forget which. Drawn quickly in pencil then digitally colored. I tried not to belabor it, per the rules of the event, so it's not quite as polished as my usual fare. But yanno? That's refreshing sometimes! And heartening to know when pressed, you can crank out something half way decent. So thar it be!

I forgot the prompt for the art: it was "out behind the barn one summer", and features a young Jensen, Gen, and Jared. In my AU head canon, maybe they're home for summer break from college, and they find themselves drifting apart. Best friends, staring at forks in their roads. So ... yeah. Why not? Before they all meander off to responsible adulthood. ;)
Tags: brutti_ma_buoni, gen padalecki, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, masterart, mixed media, nsfw, springfling, tebtosca, threesome
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