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sketchy mcsketchington

What I did instead of working on spn_summergen or spn_gen_bigbang.

(Also cross-posted at my tumblr page; be forewarned!)

Bad. BAD, QR. Now I've got 2,000 words to fabricate today: 1,500 for the BigBang and 500 for SummerGen. But I was smart; I stopped writing on both at exciting points in their respective stories so it should be like buttah when I get at 'em. Problem is, it never turns out as fandamntastic as it does in your brain, does it? Gawd, I hate PMSing. My thought process is pinging around like a flea on a hot griddle. I might just need a beer.
Tags: dean winchester, digital art, drawing, fanart, fandom has claimed my soul, masterart, sam winchester, spn, supernatural
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