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7 (non-consecutive) Days of Self-promotion: Day 2

I had a big mundane project to polish off yesterday (and a migraine), so forgive my lack of timely posting. It's awesome to see other folks doing this meme too!

"Something new - talk about a new fanwork of yours!"

Sadly, fanwork has been creeping out so slowly. I have two fics in limbo (an OhSam prompt and a kinkmeme prompt from two months back that is anything but kinky thus far, surprise surprise) and one dubious Sam illustration for petite_madame, half-finished. (Not to mention another installment of Nod with monicawoe...) I neeeeed to get these done. I annoy myself by not finishing things, and I do this far too often. Bad BAD habit. Blech.

But I did finish a fic for sammessiah's Anti-Xmas exchange, and it got a surprisingly good reception. See, I'm one of fandom's workhorse writers. I mean, I don't get the mad hits or have this reputation as "one of the great ones", but I think I'm fairly solid. And that's okay. There's a place in the world for every stripe of writer. As long as I keep trying to improve--which I do; concrit is one of my favorite things ever--I figure I'm making progress. Albeit slooooooow progress.

HARD WAY HOME is a bit of an odd fic. Eventually, it's boyking!Sam, which I know isn't everyone's cuppa, but this fic isn't really evil!Sam business; it's very Dean-centric. It's also as close as I've ever come to fix-it fic. As a rule, I don't dig fix-it fics, as they so often become a fix-it for the writer's preferences instead of the character's well-being. It can veer wildly OOC, and nothing makes me grit my teeth more than coddled Dean. (Sorry, my darling fluffy Dean!girls! Nothing wrong with coddling Dean, but I just don't handle it well. Or coddled Sam, for that matter. This is a no-coddling zone! ;))

Annnywho, Hard Way Home also contains new art, just a quickie that spoils the story so don't peek until you get to the end of the fic. Sometimes, it's fun to do art that's fast and loose...both of these being relative terms as I NEVER do anything fast. This is another source of frustration for me. I have a bazillion ideas and things I want to do, but I'm a slow worker and constantly interrupted by family and paying gigs and the internet. Someone, give me willpower for my birthday, hey?

Little teasers:


The night was the darkest dark, and none of them had wanted to talk. Sam had his jaw clenched so tight, Dean could almost hear bone grind. Castiel, to his credit, had the smarts to stay silent in the backseat. Somewhere along the line, the angel had lost his tie, and his shirt was still soggy with rain. What the hell could Dean say to either of them anyway, after Gadreel’s grand exit? “Hey, big picture, we’re all alive, right?” Yeah, that would go over like a turd in a punchbowl.

Have you all ever been surprised that something is more well-liked than you thought it'd be? Or you work your ass off on a fic or a drawing, and it just doesn't click with fandom? I'm constantly surprised.
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