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7 (non-consecutive) Days of Self-promotion: Day 3

"3. Something you made for someone else"

There are several annual events here on LJ that entail gifting to others, and they're some of my favorite things. Let's face it; other people can break us out of our boxes and get us thinking in ways we wouldn't normally. For some, it's painful, a trial. For others? It's liberating and a challenge. I experience a little of both. It can be tough, but ultimately, it makes me happy. And then to get something in return, tailored to my preferences? FABOO! Win/win. :D

Last year's spn_summergen offering was a perfect example of pulling teeth that eventually resulted in something I ended up really liking. If left to my own devices, I write Sam and Dean in all their various incarnations. Yeah, yeah, boring. But I loves them, my preciouses, I won't lie. Southern Crossed (written for the charming purplehrdwonder) featured Charlie Bradbury and Krissy Chambers, bumping into each other in Savannah, Georgia...arguably one of the most haunted cities in the country. I wrote the fic when we were vacationing there (we stayed a couple of night in Savannah on our way to DisneyWorld.) The city is amazing, steeped in ghosts and Southern hospitality. But the plot would not pull together. Hell, a plot wouldn't happen AT ALL. I must've rewritten it three times before I finally settled on the right POV, but I am not a pantser (aka discovery writer.) If I don't know where I'm going, I can sit and stare at a blank page forever. Which is what I did. If not for the ever-inventive monicawoe saving my bacon once again, I might be staring at the page still. Anyway, for me it became a little piece of my summer and because of the research I sunk into it, I love Savannah even more now. :D

Oh, and by the way, spn_summergen for 2014 is still accepting sign-ups. It's only a 1,000 word minimum so if you're interested, pop over to the comm and give it a whirl!

Art-wise, hmmm. I love working with other people's fics as inspiration. I'll just pick one of the recent pieces that hasn't gotten a lot of love. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from illustrating scenes, though it's really tough for me and I don't do it often enough. freac_camp is a long-running AU that I've been following for ages, watching as the writers get better and better, and I am such a sucker for hurt!Sam. It's fantastic in its world-building and hits my id in all sorts of places.

Here is a little pencil drawing, digitally colored, for their latest chapter. I like working this way; it doesn't take quite so long and sometimes, digital pieces can be sucked of all their humanity. It's nice to pick up an actual pencil once in a while! :D

(click the teaser to get the whole shebang.)

Consider joining up at Summergen or doing something based on another person's art or story this summer! It will bring them such joy. :D
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